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Voices of YA Tag

Tag, you’re it! 

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Where There’s A Whim, There’s A Way

It’s taken me a couple dozen  years, but I have recently learned something about myself that I find rather interesting. It’s something that I’ve never really paid attention to, but the course of my life over the past year has completely validated.

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These are my Confessions…

This month I hosted a game called #authorconfession , where authors from all over Twitter could join in and spill some of their dirtiest writing secrets. I loved seeing all the responses, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t challenging to provide answers to all of the questions myself.

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Wanna Play A Game?

Hello wonderful authors!

I recently connected with many of you through Raimey Gallant’s amazing #NanoBlogHop and it has been so nice to meet you all. Personally, I love Twitter-especially as a way to get to know really great people. So I thought it might be fun to do a Twitter Game to get to know each other. Continue reading Wanna Play A Game?