These are my Confessions…

This month I hosted a game called #authorconfession , where authors from all over Twitter could join in and spill some of their dirtiest writing secrets. I loved seeing all the responses, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t challenging to provide answers to all of the questions myself.

Another challenge I didn’t expect? Response length! It was hard to fit some of these answers in a 140 character tweet (and technically it was less because you had to fit in the #authorconfession – probably should have found a shorter #; sorry)! For the most part, I was able to do so, but now that the month is almost through, I wanted to go back to a few of the questions I felt the 140 characters didn’t serve justice to and give them the flushed out, grammatically correct, robust answer they deserve.

Here they are:

Day 3: How many WIPs do you have?

  • Twitter Response: I have 3: 1. The Wanderland Chronicles (editing) 2. Neverland (drafting) 3. Days After I Died (monthly blog series)
  • Articulated Version: Currently, I am working on 3 WIPs. My first, THE WANDERLAND CHRONICLES, is a dark fantasy retelling of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland with an undead twist. It also will not be able to be classified as a WIP much longer as I am finalizing my edits on it so it can be published this summer! The second, THE NEVERLAND SAGA (working title) is a sci-fi retelling of James Barrie’s Peter Pan. And last, but not least, I have my blog series, THE DAYS AFTER I DIED, which is a paranormal work that I update monthly on my blog and on Wattpad.

 Day 17: What should all books have?

  • Twitter Response: Books should have potential 2 teach lessons. Diversity, growth, morality, etc-Strong books develop strong READER character
  • Articulated Version: Books should all have the ability to teach people something. Big or small, whether it is a lesson about themselves as a person, or an idea about life. It could present readers with diversity, moral issues, or self-growth. When we read, we are bettering ourselves, a strong book will develop stronger readers.

Day 19: What scares you most about writing?

  • Twitter Response: What scares me most is that my writing wont be enough. That it isnt strong enough or expressed well enough. Its terrifying
  • Articulated Version: I am scared to death that my writing isn’t going to be enough. The thought that somehow I will not be able to convey to the reader what I see in my mind and what I want them to hear (or  worse, that something I want to say is misconstrued and offends someone) hides in the back of my mind each time I sit down to type. Fighting these fears is half of the writing battle, and it can make editing sessions feel like an all out war!

Day 21: What do you want to accomplish with your writing?

  • Twitter Response: I hope to be an outlet for people. For escape, expression, or hope-I want my work to provide solace for those who need it.
  • Articulated Version: Ok, I actually think I did pretty well in these 140 characters, but I would like to add that I want to make my writing what so many other wonderful authors’ work was to me. I grew up with these wonderful books that helped develop me into the person I am today. I can only dream that one day, someone will say the same thing about my work.

Day 24: What is 1 thing you wish people knew about you?

  • Twitter Response: I know technically, I haven’t answered this one yet, but I just KNOW the character limit is going to do me in. Here’s what you need to know 😉 :
  • Articulated Version: I wish people knew (and I hope that I show it in my actions/words) that I truly and deeply want to be the kind of person that impacts people’s lives for the better. I want to be a positive light that people can find in the world, and someone who is seen as encouraging, uplifting, and genuine. This ties into the #’s I claim for myself: #SparkleOn and #HappyWriting.  The world can be a brighter place if we fill it with good and not bad.



What do you think? What days were hardest for you to keep under 140 characters?


Want an extension? Share your ‘full’ answers below! I’d love to read them!

8 thoughts on “These are my Confessions…

  1. I really enjoyed your twitter answers and even more so the elaborated answers in here.
    I particularly feel the one abouf fear. That’s something I fear too, but we’re storytellers, we know the price 😉

    Thanks so much for creating this game. I’m loving it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have enjoyed #authorconfession, even if I have fallen behind at times 🙂
    Thank you for organising it!

    I love your articulated version of Day 21. This is one of the things that I’d love to my writing to do too.

    One of the toughest questions was the one which asked me to choose a favourite character of all time. It was so hard to choose, and I could waffle on for days about my favourite characters.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. #authorconfession has been a blast so far! Thanks for organizing it! I agree it’s been tough to fit the answers in. From the prompts we’ve had, I’d add on to day 8 about pet peeves.
    I’ve been having trouble with the endings of books. I hated the ending of both “Gone Girl” and “Girl on the Train.” I thought “Gone Girl” was amazing…until the end. What was that?
    So it got me thinking about the ending of my own book and whether or not it’s satisfying.

    Liked by 1 person

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