Antiartists by Ralph Pullins

I don’t like to DNF books. I don’t know what it is, but there is something deep inside my soul that aches at the idea of leaving a book started unfinished. In fact, in my long relationship with books there are less than a handful that I can even claim as DNF’s.

This book justifies every single reason for that decision.

I’ll be honest, I came very close to adding this book to my fledgeling list. The writing was incredible, but the beginning was hard for me to invest in. I didn’t see myself connecting with the main character. He was clearly broken and had a lot of self-value issues, and normally that’s not really something I do well with (I mean, stuff like that makes me sad, and I’m the queen of sparkles–I don’t like being sad), but I stuck it out.

And OH MY GOD. I am so glad I did.

BUT before I get into all that, here’s the basic lowdown:


Book Summary

What do you do when you don’t know who you are, when who you thought you were, who you thought would become, is destroyed? This is the story of young man, Chris, seeking an identity after the seemingly catastrophic collapse of his life, seeking what it means to be a creator, and, ultimately, seeking a glimpse of hope and recovery after a rock-bottom event.

During his search, he comes to the conclusion that instead of creating beauty for an ugly world, he wants to destroy beautiful things. Because of his background and education in art, Chris knows of a secret: Michaelangelo’s David has a fatal flaw, a weakness that if struck correctly would shatter the marble into fragments. What will Chris and his newfound group of society’s rejects do with this knowledge?                                     (GoodReads Summary)

Fave or Flop?

Even given the slow start, Antiartists definitely makes it into my ‘Faves’ list. After I made it through the rough patch up front (I’ll call it a fight between my personality and the MC’s), THIS BOOK.

This book is made for artists. Painters, sculptors, writers, dancers, whatever. If you are a creator, this book is undoubtedly for you. Mr. Pullins clearly understands the heart of an artists (after all, he is one himself) and the way he is able to portray it in a raw, broken character is astounding. There were lines in the book that I read that I felt were perfectly tailored for me and by the end of the story I was rooting for this character that I wanted to smack across the face in the beginning. It more than made up for the feels I had up front. It was a completely  anti-perfect story, and I loved it.

My Rating

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Writer friends, this is definitely a book I recommend you check out. Then share it with all the musicians, painters, dancers, and creative person you know. They need to read it.



Do you consider yourself an artist?

What’s your medium? I’d love to hear about your projects too! Comment or share below!

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