Mike Hansen

One of my favorite things about ‘officially’ joining the writing world is all of the awesome people I have gotten to meet.

Although lately I seem to be buried under my TBR (to be read) pile, that is one of life’s problems I will gladly take. Especially if it means I get to make more friends!

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Age Of X

Most people who know the author Richelle Mead are familiar with her work Vampire Academy. While I must admit, those books are how I found her. Since then, I have since become a huge fan of her writing and have followed all of her stories.
One of my favorite stories of hers, however, is not a YA (gasp!) it is actually an ADULT Fantasy series, but it is absolutely AMAZING. Here’s why:

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David O’Sullivan

It’s the first Friday of the month, and if I was back home in Arizona, that would mean artwalks through the Historical District in Phoenix for First Fridays.

But, since I am in the Dhabiland desert and not the Arizona desert, First Friday now means:  Author Radar.

Well, I had to keep the culture going, after all ūüėČ

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November #RdgWl

November is NaNoWriMo and it’s got me thinking about my current WIPs.

I’m planning work on my sequel to Alice in Wanderland, but I also have a SciFi retelling that I’m playing around with too.

So far though, writing SciFi is HARD. I mean, I love Science Fiction movies and I am all about the genre, but ¬†HOLY MOLY, zombies are much easier for me to work with. HOWEVER¬†Peter’s story must be told. So I must research. My November #RDGWL?

Science Fiction, baby.

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October Reads

Sometimes in the busyness of all my ‘writerly’ duties, I forget the most basic rule.
If you want to be a good writer, you also need to be a good reader. ¬†Consider it research.¬†I’ll be honest, I’ve been a bad reader lately, but this month, I told myself I was going to pick up my ‘studies’ again. ¬†And I’m so glad I did.

It’s funny how you can go for a while without doing something and not realize how much you missed it until you start back up again. Now, I don’t want you to think that I haven’t been reading ANYTHING, but between school, writing, building an author platform, and life in general, I haven’t really been reading much along the lines of quality literature. So this month I made a conscious effort to pick out and finish a few good books. Here’s what I found:

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Ella Enchanted

I have been an avid reader for my entire life. Since I have been reading for nearly as long as I could walk, it stands to reason that I have a pretty hefty list of books that I LOVE. Here, on my #AMReading page, I will break down the list of books that make the cut and what makes them so special to me.

First, I want to introduce you to is quite possibly my favorite book of ALL TIME. It was the first book that I chose on my very own. I remember walking through the teacher supply store with my mother (what can I say? Education runs in the family.) and looking at the rows and rows of books. I picked one up that sounded like a fairy tale and brought it to my mom with puppy dog eyes pleading if I could please get it. She said yes, and soon I was in the car, book in hand and totally hooked.

October #RdgWl

Once I got the news that Alice was going to be published in 2017, one of the first things I wanted to do was to figure out where my competition would be. 

As a retelling, Alice already has some big contenders- Sisters Red, The Lunar Chronicles, and  Beastly, to name a few, but I wanted to focus on the stories that revisit Wonderland to see where MY Alice will sit in the world. That being said, my #RDGWL theme for this month is: 

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I Believe In Books

Growing up, one of my favorite things to do was curl up under a blanket with a good book and get lost in the story. 20 years, a few careers, and two kids later not much has changed (I am snuggled up under my microfleece throw as ¬† I speak). Although I don’t have as much free time any more, I still manage to find the time to read.¬†The reason for this is simple:
I believe in books.
There is something magical that happens between when you pick up a new book for the first time and when you fall in love with ¬†its characters. It is something most people don’t even notice, but so profound that once you finally put the book down, you feel like a piece of you has been changed forever.

  1. Sometimes, you learn something new about yourself that you hadn’t understood before. Maybe, after reading, you will have found a new interest that you had no idea about, or perhaps you found a different perspective on an aspect of life that you hadn’t known you needed. Other times, you will put the last book of a series down and feel like you have just lost a good friend.
  2. Books are powerful. They teach us things in a way that no school, or teacher, or even parent can. They nurture empathy by literally putting you into another character’s shoes while you experience what is happening in their world. They bolster critical thinking as your mind follows the plot and makes guesses as to what will happen next.
  3. Books encourage problem solving as you try and think of ways their characters can resolve their conflicts. They expose you to diversity that you may not see in your day to day life, and expand your understanding of the world around you. Books help you celebrate, laugh, cry, cheer, fight injustice, love, hate, lose, and win.

To me, books are so much more than just a simple story or an entertaining pastime. They are doorways to adventure, learning, and self-discovery. A good book will not let you put it down without changing you in some way. It doesn’t have to be huge, but once you turn the last page, your life will have forever been altered. Just by reading it.

That is why books are magical.

That is what I hope to create.

That is why I write.