A Parallel Universe

Discussion Question 6

What are some of the parallels between The Wanderland Chronicles and Alice in Wonderland?

I’ve touched on this a bit in some of my other posts, but now I get to go into more detail! *HOORAY!* I tried to work in as many parallels between Wonderland and Wanderland as I could (you should see my poor ‘research’ copy of Alice that I bought just for my notes), and most of these parallels reflect in the characters and locations of Wonderland. Here are a few of my favorites!


  • Chess – The first major  character twist we run into is Chess, who is Wanderland’s version of the Cheshire Cat. Though not an actual cat, he shares many other traits and qualities with the beloved feline that keep him always landing on his feet.
  • Dr. Waite R. Abbott – What can I say? I love puns. Dr. Abbott is the nervous, perpetually late human version of Carroll’s White Rabbit, but in Wanderland there’s a darker reason he’s so worried about being late.
  • The Red Queen (aka Rose Hart) – She’s a no-nonsense take charge kinda lady who brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘Off with their heads’.
  • Dr. Matthew Hatta ‘Matt Hatta’ – Borogove’s resident doctor. He’s working on something deep inside the facility, but to most people, it might seem crazy.
  • Momerath – Although these nasties aren’t twist on a character, they are a parallel from Carroll’s iconic poem JABBERWOCKY, and unlike Disney’s cute little guys, these are not the kinds of things I’d wanna meet deep inside a forest!


  • Borogove – Borogove is also not technically what I guess you would call a ‘true twist’ as there was no place called Borogove in Carroll’s work. However, it is another reference to his Jabberwocky poem that became the perfect location for an experimental pharmaceutical company at the end of the world.
  • Tulgey Wood – Wanderland’s Tulgey is a bit different than the original. Since it’s post-apocalypse, the landscaping has changed a bit, and Tulgey is no exception. It’s harsher climate makes it a perfect place for the Red Queen’s killer camp.
  • Wanderland – Of course, there would be no story without Wonderland. Wanderland is just a bit different. Scarcer on the whimsy and chock-filled with danger, this is a rabbit-hole you’ll want to think twice about going down.


There you have it! Some of my favorite twists!

Did you like them? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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