Wonderful Wonderland

Discussion Question 5

There are so many other stories out there- why Wonderland?


The answer to this lies with the Red Queen. I’ve always loved retellings, but I never really thought that I would be one to write them, until Wonderland smacked head on into one of my other favorite things–zombies.

As any horror-buff knows the only way to rid the world of those pesky undead is by decapitation, or as the Queen so eloquently puts it: ‘Off With Their Heads!” I hadn’t ever made the connection before, but as soon as the idea hit, I knew I had to write it!

From there, I had a lot of fun doing my research (reading and watching all the Alice in Wonderland movies as well as a few of my favorite zombie films) and starting to plan all the undead twists I could imagine.

Taking Wonderland from a fantastical imaginary world and bringing into a dystopian future was the final step, and keeping as much of Carroll’s work as possible intact was a huge part of it. So while Wanderland is definitely not your grandma’s Alice, you’ll still see the characters and places you know and love.


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