Surprise, Surprise!

Discussion Question 3

Are there any Easter Eggs hidden in the pages of Wanderland?

Mmmmmaybe. 😀

Ok, yes!

I’ll admit, I had a LOT of fun writing The Wanderland Chronicles! Aside from all the fun I had coming up with all of the twists and turns that made up Wanderland, I also played around a bit by hiding references to my favorite pop-culture creations! I’m not going to tell you what they are, because that would give away the game, but I will tell you that there are lines referencing at least ONE of my favorite:

  • Books
  • Television Shows
  • Movies

Of all of these, I think the book is the easiest to pick up on, and then the television show. As of yet, NO ONE has found my hidden movie reference, and it is to one of my FAVORITE movies of all time! So, super excited to find the person who gets it!

Another ‘gem’ I’ve tucked away is a reference to another book I’m working on. If you follow me on Twitter or #AuthorConfession, you probably already know which story I’m planning on retelling, if not all you need to do is look! 😀

And last but not least, I have hidden in a quote from Mr. Carroll himself. BUT it isn’t one of the lines in the book (there are definitely a few of those included though!), it’s actually worked INTO the pages. My publisher and I had a lot of fun hiding it away.

So there you have it hints for my hidden Easter Eggs. Now the real question is, can you find them???

Happy Hunting!



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