Discussion Question 2

I Love This Part!

Can you tell us one of your favorite passages? Why does this stand out to you?

Ok, well let me start off by saying I didn’t think this question would be so hard to answer, but as I started thinking of it, so many different scenes came jumping to my head! As I thought about each one of them, there were parts of each that made each of them special (gosh, I feel like I’m talking about my kids, but it’s true)!  But, if I HAVE to pick just one, I would say that it is a scene between Alice and Chess.

WARNING there are SPOILERS in the following section, so proceed at your own risk!!


   She glanced at Chess to divert her anxiety. He started as a stranger who threw her into an empty van, like some bad episode of Criminal Minds, but then had stuck with her even when it endangered him. If she was in his position, would she have done the same?

            “Why did you stay?” She twisted in her seat to face him. “If you knew the Red Queen was involved in Borogove, why did you stick with me?”

            He smirked, his gaze fixed on the road. “That’s easy, Alice,” he said. His amber eyes melted into hers. “It’s the first rule of Chess: always protect your queen.”


Part of the reason I warned about spoilers is because this scene happens towards the end of the book as Alice and Chess are hurtling towards the Sector to save Dinah. As it is, I trimmed it quite a bit to maintain the integrity of the scene (I don’t want to give TOO MUCH away!), but of all the scenes in ALICE, this one seems to always to push to the forefront, most likely because it’s between Alice and Chess, and if you’ve read my answer for Discussion Question 1, you know how much I love Chess! I do find it funny though because I had no intention for Alice to have any sort of love interest. I mean, it’s a ZOMBIE book for crying out loud! But, as tends to happen, the characters started living for themselves, and THIS happened. Which, turns out, I’m ok with!

I love this scene because in a matter of ten words Chess completely sealed the deal and stole my heart. I won’t tell you whether it works on Alice or not, but you have to admit, this is a great line! And well, Chess is the master of snappy one liners, so I’m not all that surprised. Really, I guess why this is my favorite scene is because it adds yet another layer to Alice’s saga and adds depth to the relationship between her and Chess while giving us the best kind of feels.

At least, I think so 🙂


There you have it! My favorite scene! And one I never would have anticipated in a million years! Hopefully this entry didn’t spoil TOO much, and of course, I hope you love it as much as I do!


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