Discussion Question 1

Who’s My Favorite?

Who is your favorite character? What makes them so special?

The other day as I was talking about Wanderland, one of my friends asked me who my favorite character in the book is. The question caught me off guard, because I love all of my characters, but also because it seemed the obvious answer should be Alice. But as I thought about it, I realized that wasn’t the case.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore Alice- she is quirky, smart, and strong, but of all the characters in Wanderland, my favorite has to be Chess.

Based on the character of the Cheshire Cat, Chess’ character was so fun for me to write. His snarky personality brought a new energy into every scene. Even though Wanderland is a zombie book, I wanted there to be a fun aspect to it to, and Chess definitely delivered. Whether he is roaming Wanderland or tormenting Alice with another terrible nickname, his carefree attitude and quick wit made every scene more fun.

Like any character, Chess has his flaws. He is not always the most dependable, for instance, and he covers his vulnerability with a bit of an ego, but he is sincere in what he says and he is loyal to his friends. Really, there is so much that I could (and want to tell you) about him, but I want you to discover it for yourself. BUT, because I’m a nice lady (and I can’t resist), I am going to give you 5 facts about Chess you won’t find in Wanderland. Enjoy!

  Fun Facts

  1. Chess played baseball as a young boy before the Plague broke out. His position was pitcher – he can throw a mean curveball.
  2. Chess’ mother used to sing to him every night before he’d go to bed. It was a silly song about monsters she made up just for him.
  3. Chess has a beautiful singing voice, but he doesn’t use it because it makes him think of his mother.
  4. Chess’ real name, Eoghan (pronounced Owen), is my son’s middle name.
  5. Chess doesn’t like dogs- he’s more of a cat person. (Tee Hee!)


Who’s Your Favorite Wanderland Character? I’d love to know!

Comment Below and tell me why!



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