David O’Sullivan

It’s the first Friday of the month, and if I was back home in Arizona, that would mean artwalks through the Historical District in Phoenix for First Fridays.

But, since I am in the Dhabiland desert and not the Arizona desert, First Friday now means:  Author Radar.

Well, I had to keep the culture going, after all 😉

This month, I wanted to introduce you to another amazing author I recently had the pleasure of meeting, my friend David O’Sullivan. His specialty is in writing adult Thiller/Suspense novels, but he also composes beautiful poetry! If only I could be so diverse in my skill set. Writing goals, I tell you. So here he is, the man of the hour, Mr. David O’Sullivan (who also happens to have a pretty rockin’ last name, if you ask me)
PictureTell us, why writing?
I find writing to be a great release. To me, writing is like when a dam releases water to prevent a breach-writing helps to release the pressure of life. Some people travel, some people work hard on their fitness, some look for sexual partners, I find the best release is putting pen to paper.
So, what is your favorite part of the writing process?
I love it when a character comes to life, and the events in the story are real events happening to the people I have created. It is this feeling of flow and creation that the writing becomes so realistic and leaves any sense of hard work behind. My least favorite part of writing is the editing. Editing is looking at the passion from a cold scientific perspective. It requires clear sober thought, like cleaning up after a wild party.

How do you keep yourself on track? Do you have any special ‘writing routines’?
I like to sit down at my desk, surrounded by the same environment at the same time. I find that disruption to my life, such as changed work hours or travel throw my writing out as well. I do not create well working at random hours. I have heard President Obama works on his documents each night from 7 pm to midnight, I find that a similar routine is helpful.

How do you like to spend your time when you aren’t writing? 
I love walking and swimming. I find these sports are great as they give me time for reflection. I can exercise and think about my life and my writing. I also like being with loved ones and friends. It is the experiences you have in life with people that best builds your creative writing. Writing is very solitary, the best work comes from being alone, but if you want to write about people, you must know how they work. I love to keep my eyes open when talking with people to see how they behave and react.
What has been the most important thing you have learned since starting your publishing journey?
There are huge numbers of people trying to be successful writers. You have to work harder than all of them if you want to be the best. You need natural talent, passion and a desire to work hard. Picture

I have heard that you should not read the reviews people leave on your work. What’s your take on this?
I like to read what is said, but I follow three rules:

  1. What can I learn from this opinion so that I can become a better writer.
  2. Is what is being said excessively kind and flattering or unfair and cruel? If so treat them both as harmful and not worth your time.
  3. Once I have taken the opinion on board and seen if I can become a better writer, forget the review and do not let it live in your mind. You can ruin your sleep at night by thinking about reviews.

Your book Anvil Soul JUST launched. How exciting! Tell us about the process.
I form the idea and plan it out with many notes and written thoughts. Then I settle in to write and try to get a set number of words per day. I let the writing grow organically, and if I do not love the world I have created on the page, I stop writing and do something else. I have to love what I am doing.

Now your book has released, how are you keeping yourself busy? Are you working on anything new?
I am working on a book of poems. I aim to write 2 or 3 well worked out poems per week. I think the poet is the most precise of writers. I am going to start on a new novel on the 19th of this month.


You have now published TWO books with Pen Name Publishing. What keeps you with the company? Tell us why you love them!
Pen Name Publishing supports me 100%. The people involved are committed and passionate, the editor in chief is a great friend, the editiors are committed to great writing, and the other authors make the publishing house feel like a wonderful community. I love my publishers.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?
Develop a passion for what you do; many people never have passion. Let it drive you crazy, so at nights you are either writing or screaming at the moon. Passion is the difference between the amateur and the professional.

Want to learn more about David? 
Connect with him on Social Media!
Want a sneak peek of his books? 
Find them HERE
Happy Reading! 

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