Grilled Salmon w/Avocado Salsa & Coconut Rice

Are you looking for an easy AND healthy meal to make for your family tonight? Well, look no further! This Grilled Salmon & Rice combo is delicious and foolproof (which is a TOTAL win)!

 Recently, my husband and I decided that we needed to have a lifestyle change in our nutrition plans. While our eating habits weren’t awful, they definitely weren’t the best. So together, we agreed to make some changes. Easy right? Well…. maybe not. See, I have never been much of a cook so finding a whole new collection of recipes was intimidating. I mean, FINDING recipes, that was easy, but finding recipes that I can’t screw up? That’s where the game changed a bit.


But, dedicated to following this healthy lifestyle for myself and my babies, I turned to Pinterest to bolster my repertoire of healthy recipes. One of the very first recipes that I found was for this Grilled Salmon with Avocado Salsa made by The Cookie Rookie. The salmon looked so good and then to be topped with AVOCADO? You can do that? YOU BET YOU CAN. And it is fabulous!
So the main course was decided, but I needed a side. You see, I come from a very Greek family who has a rather large love affair with food – especially dinner. And no dinner is complete without a side. Cue: Coconut Rice (recipe via A Family Feast). It looked bright and vibrant, and of course it gave a healthy helping of carbs, which as a runner, I am ALL ABOUT. With both recipes in hand (and on my pinboards), I was ready!
Do you remember me saying earlier that this recipe was foolproof? Well, I definitely put it to the test. How, you ask? Read on.

  • The salmon rub is composed of specific measurements of salt, pepper, cumin, paprika, and ancho chile powder. I personally am not a big fan of measuring and prefer to eyeball it. I can tell you right now, my measurements were off, but the rub still tasted great. It added a little bit of a kick, but it wasn’t ‘So spice’ that my daughter wouldn’t eat it. In fact, she tried to steal her brother’s after she finished all her ‘chicken.’
  • I don’t have ancho chile seasoning. At all. I am currently living in the UAE and while I have access to a much bigger variety of Eastern cuisines and spices, sadly, their Mexican food options are not what I’m
    used to (I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona). So, instead, I substituted the Ancho Chile with just regular Chile powder and a dash of crushed red peppers. It worked great!
  • After you cover the salmon in the spices, the recipe instructs to put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to chill. Well, I didn’t read that part of the recipe until after I had already started (I tend to approach these things like a bull in a china shoppe – I should probably work on that) and my rice was already cooking. Crap. Not to worry. Instead of putting it in the fridge, I stuck it in the freezer to express chill (about 10 minutes) before I pulled it out to grill.
  • The coconut rice recipe called for basmati rice, limes, cilantro, almonds, coconut milk, and salt. I substituted the white basmati for some brown basmati and cut out the almonds because my family isn’t crazy about them. The small substitutions I made didn’t affect the taste of the recipe, in fact the rice was Peaky’s favorite part!
PictureMommy Rating: * * * * *
Once everything was pulled together and plated, we sat down to eat. From a grown up palette: The salmon had a bit of heat to it that was really enhanced by the smoky grilled flavor. The avocado salsa (which took MAYBE 3 minutes to make) provided a cooling citrus flavor that was the perfect accent to the spice on the fish. And the rice. I have never had coconut rice, so I didn’t know what to expect, butthere was a little bit of sweet to it from the coconut milk that mixed with the tang of the limes and cilantro to make it taste so yummy. It made me remember a lot of the flavors back home. So, even though I couldn’t find Ancho Chile mix, I will definitely use this recipe in the future to sate my Mexican food cravings (and I get them quite often). Definite A+ from me!
Munchkin Rating:  * * * *

PictureI’m not going to give this 5 stars simply for the fact that it took Missy a little bit of coaxing to eat. At first, she was dubious about the fish but once Daddy informed her it was chicken of the sea, it was game on! After that she told me “Mom, you make the best food,” at least three times. Even Peaky nommed on it, and he is pretty dang picky (ugh!). See for yourself!

Overall, I would say this meal was a definite win. It took less than 30 minutes to make, and even though there were a few times I could have royally screwed it up, it still turned out great! And last but not least, it was good for us! So, if you’re ever in a pinch, I highly recommend trying out Grilled Salmon w/Avocado Salsa and a side of Coconut Rice!
Special Thanks to:
The Cookie Rookie – Grilled Salmon w/Avocado Salsa Recipe

 A Family Feast – Coconut Rice Recipe


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