Why Writing?

Ok, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Blogging does not come naturally to me. Which, you would think is weird, because I am a writer. So then of course, that begs the question, ‘Then why do you write?’
And that I can answer.

  1. Writing brings me peace of mind. Do you ever have those days where everything is insane, you have a billion things to do, the house is a mess, and if you don’t just get some time to yourself you’re going to scream? Well, I do. Between planning and teaching lessons, cleaning house, taking care of my own kids and husband and the menagerie of animals we have seemed to acquire, not to mention fitting in my daily workouts, sometimes I am amazed that I’m functional. And I’ll be honest- some days, I am not functional at all. Those are the days writing is most important. It gives me a chance to step away from the crazy and into my own space where I can escape and not have to worry about whether I graded all 120 tests on time or if my daughter has her gymnastics outfit clean and ready to go. It gives me a chance to get some me time where I can recharge before I jump back into the crazy of the real world.
  2. It helps me organize my thoughts. Remember those days I was just telling you about? You know, when your mind goes a billion miles a minute and you can’t seem to focus on anything longer than 10 seconds before you bounce onto another train of thought? Yeah, those. They’re awful. For me, a way to cope with Overwhelmed Brain Syndrome (that should totally be a thing, by the way) is to sit down with my characters and see what’s going on in their world. Even if I can only spend 3o minutes in front of my computer, that time away from the busyness of ‘real life’ helps to calm my racing mind and refocus my thoughts so when I leave my writing space I can tackle the day with a clear head capable of rational thought
  3. It teaches me discipline and perseverance. As I mentioned earlier, blogging is not easy for me. As far as writing goes, I would much rather hang out with my characters and tell you their story than sit down to talk about myself. For me, blogging is HARD. That being said, writing a novel is no piece of cake, either. There are days where I am exhausted and I can come up with every reason that I shouldn’t be writing, but while I am working on my projects, I set deadlines and word goals for myself to meet. Forcing myself to write and not give up even when it gets difficult or uncomfortable makes me more disciplined and strengthens my abilities in perseverance. Just like with running, it is mind over matter. Following through with my Writing gives my mind the extra boost it needs to win.
  4. It makes me happy. Simply put, writing makes me happy. As hard as it can be sometimes to find the time – or once I do find the time, to find the words, I can tell the difference in my state of mind on days when I get my writing in and when I don’t. Probably because of all the reasons I have listed above. On days that I write, I am more calm, organized, focused, and creative. On days I don’t write, I feel frazzled, tense, and disorganized. Writing puts me in a better brain space and makes my days run smoother. In return that makes me a better wife, mommy, and coworker. That is the magic of Writing in my life. It makes me a better me.

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