Who is J.M. Sullivan?

j-m-sullivanRegardless of how you found your way here (Welcome, by the way), this is a question  you are probably asking yourself. And while I would like to tell you 100% this is who I am, I can’t yet, because I am still growing. I learn and discover new things about myself every day, and that’s ok, because I am a work in progress. However, there are several constants in my life I would be more than happy to share with you.

I am a writer. My favorite age group to write for is Young Adult, and my preferred genre is fantasy. While I have dabbled in realistic fiction, my heart remains with stories that pull me out of the real world into new and exciting places. I have a penchant for retellings, and finding ways to put new spins on classic tales, while holding true to the original story. I love Easter Eggs in films, and try to include them in my own work. If I can find a clever way to reference the original book or author, I will. I also enjoy working in nods to some of my favorite things. I believe that by weaving these elements in, the reader is able to not only enjoy the new story that they are reading, but also get to revisit the ones they already know and love.Teacher
As much as I would love to tell you that I stay at home and sit in my beautiful office and work on telling stories all day, sadly, that is not true (yet!). My real career is as a Middle School Science teacher, and I love it. Currently, I am working in the UAE as an English Medium Teacher, so not only do I teach Science, but I also get to work with English Language Learners in a bilingual school setting. So Cool.
Of all the things I have done in my life, the most amazing thing is being a mom. I have an amazing husband who supports me (and deals with my crazy, which is a talent all in itself), and three amazing children. My house is hardly ever clean, and you can forget about it being quiet, but there are always smiles and giggles or hugs and kisses when I need them (probably because I don’t have teenagers yet). Quick Stats

  • When I am not writing, working, or mom-ing, I am either experimenting with Pinterest projects, running, or watching cooking shows on Netflix.
  • I grew up in Avondale, Arizona and lived there my whole life until I moved across the world to teach abroad.
  • I have two younger brothers that are both easily 5″ taller than me. (Go figure)
  • I graduated from Arizona Christian University (formerly Southwestern College) with a Business Administration degree.
  • I used to sing in choir, and in a quartet. (Coloratura Soprano)
  • I am fairly athletic, and played Soccer and Volleyball in school.
  • I love animals and have two cats, Ember and Moki, and a mutt named Pongo.
  • I get bored with my hair easily and dye it often. To date, I have had ash gray, blonde, brown, black, blue, red, and orange (that one was an accident) hair. Thus far, it has all remained in tact. My original hair color is dark brown.

ANYWAY, there you have it. A super secret look into the life of J.M. Sullivan. I hope it was everything you wished for. Now that I have talked so much about myself, I’d like to learn about you. Leave me a comment below telling me a little bit about yourself. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Coming Soon!

Alice in Wanderland, my debut novel, is a retelling of Lewis Carroll’s classic with an apocalyptic twist. It will be released in Summer 2017 – keep an eye out, it’s gonna be good!


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